Day 365

Tuesday 31st December 2013

Well it’s the last day of the year and the challenge is drawing to a close.
It’s been a great one and certainly a challenge. I’m sorry for not getting all my images uploaded day by day and in time for today.
Here is the last sky for the year and the months I haven’t added will follow shortly. I’ve been sorting through them all today.

20131231-115101 pm.jpg


Day 322

Monday 18th November 2013

So…. I bet you were thinking I’d given up!
Well actually I have been continuing to take a photo of the sky every day but I have badly gotten out of the habit of uploading my images. I now intend to continue from today to the end of the year. For the months and days where I have not added any images I will put in order and make a grid of all the images and upload as one image.

Sorry to all who have been following my 365 challenge, that I have not been keeping you up to date.

Here is today’s photo. A beautiful day where an amazing reflection of the setting sun on a building opposite grabbed my attention through the window.
A clear night is forecast for tonight and very cold conditions tomorrow.

20131118-093704 pm.jpg


Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I have still been shooting a photo a day but have got very behind with uploading them. They will be uploaded in blocks shortly.